A 20-anniversary guide to mathematics behind fractal design

In early 1998, I was inspired by “The Fractal Geometry of Nature” by Benoit Mandelbrot. I developed a series of software which plotted Iterated Functions system (IFS), Julia sets, and Borwnian motion (1/f) fractals. At the time I had updated my PC from a Philips 80286 (12.5 MHz) running DOS 4.1 to a Pentium 166 MHz running Windows 95. I wrote my code in the new programming language Java 1.1. It took overnight runs to generate A4 size 600dpi (2870 by 6250 pixels) images. However, unfortunately none of the codes runs today without a complete re-compiling due major changes that happened to Java applets. I have started to re-write these code in Matlab which will demonstrate the principles of Fractals.

More coming soon...